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MAKE ART NOT WAR is proud to sponsor Art Director Andrés Sergio Echeveste.

Andrés Sergio Echeveste is an Argentinian Silver Condor Award Winner, Art Director and Storyboard artist for feature films. His most significant achievement is to have worked for more than a decade with Leonardo Favio, "one of Argentina’s best film directors throughout Latin America" (The Telegraph / UK).

His filmography includes works such as Corps perdus, directed by Eduardo de Gregorio (France-Argentina, 1989) featuring Laura Morante; The Perfect Husband, directed by Veda Docampo Feijoo (Prague, Czech Republic, 1993) featuring Tim Roth; Perón - Sinfonía de un sentimiento, a six-hours historical documentary film directed by Leonardo Favio (Argentina, 1994-1999); Condor Crux, an animated film distributed by Disney Argentina, 2000); Stolen Tangos, directed by Eduardo de Gregorio (France, 2001) featuring Liberto Rabal; Aniceto (2008), a remake of the classic movie directed by Leonardo Favio, This time filmed entirely in studio as a ballet play.  I'm Ringo (Argentina-USA, 2014), an Award-Winning film directed by José Luis Nacci which relates the story in the USA of the Argentinean boxer Oscar Natalio “Ringo” Bonavena.

Mr. Echeveste also performs as an expressionist painter. His work is characterized by the large size and strength of the brushstrokes. He develops his murals as he was working in a scenario, an act that is directly related to his work in the film industry. The themes of his creations are mainly horses, bulls and Indian raids. These elements allows the artist to express movement in his paintings, in addition to the mixture of powerful animals and vibrating colors. At the same time, his compositions are clearly defined by the solidity of the lines that provide their main structure. Elements in Echeveste's art pieces coexist in harmony and in contrast to chaos, taking over the spaces with an expansive and overwhelming force.


Mr. Echeveste is currently working in Spain in the development of his debut feature film as Film Director, a tango fantasy movie.

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