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Gonzalo "Crudo" VIllagra


MAKE ART NOT WAR is proud to sponsor Musician and Engineers, Gonzalo "Crudo" Villagra. President of Estudios Audión and leader of Audión (band).

About Estudios Audión, a family legacy.

Estudios Audión was established in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Nelson “Nelo” Villagra in the 70´s. Him and his family managed the studio, recording over 400 records of different genre, from folklore to rock n roll. Such as
Chico Novarro y Jairo, Zitarrosa, Les Luthiers, Billy Bond y La Pesada, Arco Iris, Pastoral

Today, the legacy is inherited by their two offspring, Gonzalo “Crudo” Villagra and Alvaro Villagra (Grammy-award winning, Producer/Engineer), who grew up perfecting the craft of Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering. 

In 2014, Gonzalo “Crudo” Villagra, the youngest son, in tribute to his father, re-opened Estudios Audión.

Estudios Audión tracks with the original API 2408 from 1967, an excellent option to achieve clear mixings, powerful and high-end audio quality.


Complete equipment list:

Console: Original API 2408 from 1967.

Compressor UREI LA 4 /LA3/1176
Mastering Compressor API 2500 STEREO /LINK

NEUMANN U67/U87 x6
Beyer m88 x4
All 600 Sennheiser models for drums
INTERFACES X 2 192 Digidesign

Pro Tools 

About Gonzalo “Crudo” Villagra

Music Producer and Recording Engineer, he started recording professionally at the age of fifteen; ever since he has worked on more than 200 albums, with countless works in analog and digital mastering. He has collaborations with bands, such as
Fishbone (USA), Melvins (USA), The Cult (UK), David Hakopyan
(member of the Apex Theory) (USA), Dani Yorah (USA), HB3 (USA) and from Argentina: Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Massacre, Ricardo Iorio, Almafuerte, Pappo, Boom Boom Kid, Attaque 77, Poseidotica...

Gonzalo is also a musician, known for his talent playing the bass guitar, especially in the band Los Natas, an Argentinian stoner band lead by Argentine-Armenian, Sergio Chotsourián. Los Natas had multiple international label contracts, such as Man Ruin Records - founded by Frank Kozik (USA), Small Stone Records (USA) and Ektro Records (Finland). Billy Anderson (Melvins) and Dale Crover (Melvins, Men of Porn, Nirvana) have produced several albums for them. Gonzalo Villagra has also participated as the Recording Engineer on several albums.

Gonzalo´s most recent work in the studio is the Critically Acclaimed Space Rock album of Poseidotica, “El dilema del origen”. Credited as Sound Engineer, Mastering and Mixing.

His most recent work as a musician is with his new band, Audión. Formed by Walter Broide (Los Natas/Poseidotica) and Dizzy Espeche (Fito Paez). The music of this band integrated the original soundtrack of the Award Winning Documentary film, “Antarctic Dream” (2016, Bernardo Heredía).


List of musical works by Gonzalo Villagra:

Album: “El dilema del orgien” by Poseidotica

Album: “La Historia De Abraham” by Audión (Released by Toys of the Masses, Pampa Noise Records, Interstellar Smoke RecordsAquatalan Records)


Estudios Audión

Mix per song: $200;
Mastering per song: $60 (stereo) $110 (stemps).

Service is managed by a Non-Profit 501c3 for the Arts, Price includes handling the money transfer and communication with both parties. Tax 100 tax-deductible. Receipt upon request.


Contact, for more info.

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