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Something Has Changed

  • IMdB

Something Has Changed Documentary


"After meeting Melvyn 'Deacon' Jones, one of the last American blues icons, I promised to help him return to Argentina. A country he knew and fell in love with, thanks to one of its international blues legends, his 'blues brother,' Norberto 'Pappo' Napolitano.

With a Quixotic sense, I embarked on a journey, following a blues feeling, leading me to discover the origins of blues in both English and Spanish, across different states in the U.S. and the province of Buenos Aires.

Although Deacon passed away after filming this movie, his legacy in this documentary strives to fulfill the promise I made to him, distributing a gesture of affection he wanted to give to 'Pappo' and Argentina before his departure.

'Long live the blues' were his last words to me, which I wish to convey to you."

Sergio "Chapete" Bonacci Lapalma


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