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P.O.P.A. Art Gallery
Republic of La Boca, Buenos Aires Argentina

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MAKE ART NOT WAR is honored to be sponsoring Art Gallery, P.O.P.A. Member of The Art District of the City of Buenos Aires.

Space for art and meetings created by Marcelo Bosco and Jo Johannes in the early 1990s under the name "Galpón Plateado de La Boca" (The Silver Warehouse of La Boca), known today as Galería POPA (Promoción y orientación para el artista).

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ArteBA Art Fair 2022

Charly García brings star power as ARTEBA returns in a new space - Buenos Aires Times

Charly García will exhibit his paintings for the first time - News Rebeat

Galerist Marcelo Bosco talks about the success of Charly Garcia's paintings in ArteBA - CNN

Charly García razed ArteBA and sold all of his art pieces - Pagina 12

ArteBA 2022 opens with paintings of Charly Garcia - Billboard

Interview to Bosco and Jojo at POPA Art Gallery (La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Video by The Art District of Buenos Aires.

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