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MAKE ART NOT WAR is honored in sponsoring Award Winner Puppeteer, Gustavo "Tuti" Nuñez (Argentina).

"Tuti" is a multitalented Puppeteer, Entertainer, Actor, Playwrighter, Theatre Director, Puppeteer maker, Scenographer, Production Designer and Costume Designer.


He won numerous awards and recognitions in Argentina, where he is from.


In the last year, he has been getting international attention. He has been awarded for “Best Children's Show” for his work “Pedro Del Castillo” by the Harmony World Puppet Carnival, 2014, in Bangkok, Thailand. Competing over 116 works from around the world.

In 2015, by the Rainforest World Puppet Carnival - Borneo was awarded for "Best Actor".

In 2017 he was Awarded "Puppet For Peace" for his play “Un elefante con hambre” at the Harmony World Puppet Festival in Bangkok, Tailandia.

In 2020, because of COVID-19, Tuti is using his social media to entertain thousands of young and new generations viewers from around the world on these difficult times. 


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Photography by Robertus Pudyanto / Getty Images.


"Red nouses for peace" by El Litoral

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