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Gabriel Lococo


MAKE ART NOT WAR is proud to sponsor musician GABRIEL LOCOCO from Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.

Gabriel is a pianist, composer and music producer who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina . He worked in the industry around 20 years ago. 

As a pianist, he played many concerts in theaters of Argentina such as the “Teatro Colón”, “Teatro San Martín” and “Casa de la Cultura of the City of Buenos Aires”, among others.


In 2019 Gabriel recorded the Instrumental Album "Gabriel Lococo plays Daniel Figueiredo". He made de arregements and plays de piano for the Music from de brazilians films and TV series: “The Ten Commandements”, “Jesus” and “The promise Land”. This year 2021 it has been Nominated for the Arpa Awards for Best Instrumental Album.


In 2018 He recorded in Buenos Aires “Tiempos de Piano”. Instrumental Album, with All original music with company from famous musicians. Victor Carrión (Lito Vitale), Matias Romero (National Symphony Orchestra) and Horacio Moreno, among others.  


Gabriel won the “best soundtrack” in 2th Film Festival Brazil International in Rio de Janeiro in 2014 for the music of the Docureality “24200 Cruce Sanmartiniano”. 


In 2011 recorded the Album for The children's theater musical “ The Martita´s dreams” who won for the Best Children's Theatres in Carlos Awards and Concert star Awards. 


In 2010 Gabriel was Nominated for the Carlos Gardel Awards for the Album Zulmania with the famous actress Gladys Florimonte. He was a composer, and music producer. 


At present he is a representative in Argentina and Uruguay of Music Solution company. Is one of the bigger soundtrack producers in Brazil.


UNITED THEMES is an upcoming album that will be launching on Californian Record Label, Make Noise Not War Records. The musical journey compiles outstanding Award Winning Motion Picture Composers from England and Argentina, Mark Slater and Gabriel Lococo. They collaborate together on this instrumental half-hour journey, sharing orchestral symphonic music carefully curated from works left behind from previous projects -- now brought together for a movie of peace.

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