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Logo by Edith Sööt (Estonia - Los Angeles, CA) - 2020

MNNWR is located in Los Angeles, CA. Curated by MAKE ART NOT WAR FOUNDATION (USA) with the mission to support independent musicians from around the world. It is a sublabel of Toys of the Masses (Los Angeles, CA).


Distributed by INgrooves / owned by Universal Music Group. Music videos by Vevo.

A&R, Mark Slater, Edith Sööt.

*** JUNE 2021 (Pride Month), a new distribution deal with BANDCAMP to MNNWR, supporting our 501c3 Non-Profit , Make Art Not War. Bandcamp rocks!




Artbug Podcast is a project by Artbug Media. It consists of conversations with multidiscipline artists. Hosted by Carlos Rittner, founder of Artbug Media, and filmmaker Sergio Bonacci Lapalma aka Chapete.
Each episode contains music from an independent artist from around the world.

Distributed by Independent Record Label, Make Noise Not War Records (Los Angeles, CA), via Bandcamp and multiple platforms. Supported by 501c3,

Artbug Media. Los Angeles, CA. 2022.



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The cover art is the shape of the Falklands/Malvinas combined with two pictures, a pair of holding hands (background - water) and a couple kissing (land), taken by London-born photographer and risograph artist, Ollie Dove, assembled by Argentinian-Chicano filmmaker, Sergio Bonacci Lapalma, aka Chapete.

An anti-war concept album about the Falklands War / Guerra de Malvinas: a 10-week undeclared war between Argentina and the United Kingdom in 1982 over the islands.


The musical journey compiles two outstanding Award Winning Motion Picture Composers from England and Argentina, Mark Slater and Gabriel Lococo. They collaborate together on this instrumental half-hour journey, sharing orchestral symphonic music carefully curated from works left behind from previous projects -- now brought together for a movie of peace.


Some outstanding work can be found on Track Nu 1, Étnica… , by Gabriel Lococo that won Best Soundtrack at the II International Brasil Film Festival 2014 or Track Nu 4, Just Another Day by Mark Slater, recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios UK (The Beatles) for "Philips Aurea Ambilight" video campaign filmed by Wong Kar Wai

UNITED THEMES will be released beginning of May 2021 on BANDCAMP and all other online platforms worldwide via MAKE NOISE NOT WAR RECORDS (California). All proceeds from this project will go to support Artistas por La Patagonia: a group of artists benefiting families that lost their homes on the Patagonia.


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Upcoming releases and collaboration with Music Producer, James Hazley aka General H (John DolmayanThese Grey Men, The Eric Andre Show)

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"There was a guy who was devoted to an Indian religion and he had Hindu percussion instruments, so I would wake up, put music on, and play, and just zone out of reality. It was horrible but sweet at the same time. Even though I was in a bad situation I felt really free for the first time, and that’s the balance that kept me sane and going. I had to answer to no one, or explain anything, I just was. " SHETAY Lebon by Mark Bowers from

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Declared "Cultural Interest" by Make Art Not War Foundation (USA), 2021.

Pictures by Kevin RC Wilson. 2020.



JUUR- Flux (Album)

 Playground Music Scandinavia - Europe. 2020. / Make Noise Not War Records - USA. 2020.

juur flux cover for mnnw use - Corey Tom

JUUR returns with their second album FLUX, a white knuckle ride through a fantasy of violence, monsters, blood sacrifice, and death. Over the last half a decade, JUUR has been working hard to establish itself as one of the most original and unpredictable bands active in Tallinn, Estonia. Their ever-evolving sound has something to offer fans of progressive rock, psychedelia, and even metal, as they meld heavy, catchy riffs with intelligent, ambitious songwriting.

12/26/2020 - America digital distribution by Make Noise Not War Records.

Videoclip "Blood Moon", directed by Siim Parisoo and Ingmar Järve via VEVO.


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Videoclip: "Bloom Moon" @JUURVEVO

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LUCAS GALIÑANES - Sombra Blanca (single)

Discografica Tempuja. Argentina / Make Noise Not War Records - USA. 2020.

Lucas-Galiñanes-Sombra-Blanca - Lucas Ga

"This song was written a few days before the shutdown. Inspired by the shadows and familiar personalities in this world. Recorded during the national social distancing that was mandatory in my country. I am in a dark place, growing in my persona and surroundings. Slowly waking up. In a religious, sexual, and for moments, psychedelic feel, along with Manuel Gozalvez as a producer, we created this journey of Rock and Roll. In a dancing mood, for everybody to let go of their spirit, free themselves from the shadows, sometimes without knowing why. The message is to be responsible, everything depends on you, your capacity of loving or hating, to believe or not to believe, that you are in this journey alone or not alone. If you are not responsible in this life then it will be hard for you and your environment... Bring light to your surroundings, in a positive and better attitude."


Lucas Galiñanes - Quilmes, Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA / 2020

12/21/2020 - USA & Europe digital distribution by Make Noise Not War Records


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Make Noise Not War Records - USA. 2020.


Más allá del poniente / Beyond the setting sun. ~~~~ Buenos Aires, Los Ángeles, Paris. #TheBarrio Integrado por @GuillermoComignani + @WalterBroide

LOS INCAS PARK (🇫🇷 🇺🇸 🇦🇷) is landing at MNNWR with a new EP, LOLA, featuring two hits. LOLA produced/mixed by NKRIOT (🇺🇸) + TORMENTO ft TIM HOPKINS JR (🇺🇸) produced by GONZALO VILLAGRA (🇦🇷) + composed by HERNAN MICELI + mastered PATRICIO CLAYPOL (🇦🇷). LOLA Videoclip by SEB METENIER (🇫🇷 🇦🇷) + CHAPETE BONACCI (🇺🇸 🇲🇽 🇦🇷) by VEVO Dec 4. Album cover by SEB METENIER (🇫🇷 🇦🇷). Model Dita Rabarbere (🇪🇪). Songs on EP by Guillermo Comignani (🇦🇷) .


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Cobra Rod - TRAMA


Aquatalan Records - Argentina / Make Noise Not War Records - USA. 2020.


A solo project from the bass player and founding member of Poseidotica, who is also known for being part of the psychedelic group El Festival de los Viajes and director of the record label Aquatalan Records. "Trama" is his first solo album, released in November 2020 by Make Noise Not War Records (Los Angeles, California). The album includes 12 intimate acoustic and lysergic recordings, revisiting with his guitar and voice artists and songs that have influenced him throughout his musical career.

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Frentzmoon  - Old Trash Jazz LP

Quick Records - Argentina / Aquatalan Records - Argentina / Make Noise Not War Records - USA. 2020.

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We present a kind of missing link in the prehistory of the Argentine psychedelic rock group El Festival de los Viajes: Frentzmoon, and their first LP Old Trash Jazz.


Why a "missing link"? Because, somehow, Frentzmoon (1995-2002) was one of the musical experiences that, years later and with new ingredients, led to the project El Festival de los Viajes (2005-2014).


Briefly about Frentzmoon: it could be said that it was a rarity within the local underground scene of the early millennium.


It was a rarity because, despite the frenetic activity that the group developed in its years of existence, it never published material or made itself known outside the limits of its base of operations (El Galpón, a dark and colorful space inspired by the adventures of Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters, and the Furthur bus they were riding on).


And it was a rarity also because, in the midst of an era that looked to brit pop and post grunge, Frentzmoon was inspired by the dark garage and progressive psychedelic bands of 65-68 (13th Floor Elevators, The Red Krayola, Second Hand, The Deviants, to name a few), the Grateful Dead from 68-69, the Pink Floyd from Saucerful of Secrets, the Miles Davis output from 69-72, and the Beatles from Revolution 9.


Back to Old Trash Jazz, it could be labeled as Freakodelia Lo Fi: it is a compilation of sequences, put together from the material that the band accumulated after many hours and many live music recording sessions, totally improvised at the moment, without much filter, never repeating or looking to repeat what had been played in previous sessions.


Without raising their heads to see what their partners were playing, the members of the group shared a ritual of immersion in sound, establishing telepathic dialogues through vibrations, notes and cadences; a dialogue that was sometimes felt, sometimes hesitant, sometimes powerful and with direction, sometimes adrift and crossed by feelings of frustration.


About the sound of the LP, it's worth stopping by: for better or worse, the recording ways at El Galpón give Old Trash Jazz part of its singular identity.


During all those years, the band spent a lot of money to equip themselves (a Fender Bassman, a Twin Reverb, an Ampeg V4, a Rhodes electric piano), but they never spent much on microphones and consoles: everything was recorded on ordinary cassettes, in a 4-channel Tascam Postastudio, with cheap Phillips microphones (with all the fury, maybe there was some Shure 58 sneaking around). The mics went through a Ross brand powered console, and from there they went directly to the Tascam.


Control over sound was always fragile, relative. Nobody in the band had much idea about professional audio and recording techniques. They never worked with sound engineers, nor did they ever think about how to achieve specific sonorities. They never recorded for broadcast purposes. Although Old Trash Jazz reveals that Frentzmoon worked hard in its peculiar search, imagination and enjoyment always seemed to prevail, rather than calculation and technical precision.


Old Trash Jazz reflects the intense exploratory desire of the group members during those years; get carried away by long improvisations, dive deep and dark waters, walk off cliffs, watch universes disappear, watch stars rise, and access that incredible experience over and over again: feeling a strange connection that moved the band in unexpected directions, despite (or driven by) the talents, limitations, and musical influences of its members.


The Old Trash Jazz music was recorded between 2000 and 2002, but the sequences that make up the LP were arranged between June and July 2020.


The LP introduces one of the many line ups of Frentzmoon:


Marcelo Carmona (bass, guitars, sound and general engineering). 

Javier Aguirre (voices, Rhodes, keyboards). 

Mathias Harbek (guitars). 

Adrián Felcman (drums, keyboards, voices, arrangement and artistic production).


Illustrations: Adrián Felcman. 

Graphic Design: Mathias Harbek. 

Mastering: Sebastián Lombroni.

10/2/2020 Make Noise Not War Records. Los Angeles, CA. #MakeArtNotWar


THE DAGG - August 2020 / 5 Year Anniversary Re-Release

The-Dagg-tapa (1) - Ary Taurino
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The Dagg, integrated by Lucas Galiñanes (drums & vocal), Ary Garay (guitar & vocal) and Pablo Buscarons (bass & vocal). Argentina.


The album was recorded after winning the award for “Best Band” at the “Cavern Rock Festival" (2011, Argentina), including an honorable mention for Ary Garay as the "Best Guitarist".


The album was recorded at Estudio Abismo (Argentina) by Damian Colaprette in 2012.

It was mixed by Ramiro Nogueiras at Estudio Santa Marta in Argentina from 2013-2014.

Mastered by Breian lele at El Pie, Santa Cecilia Sound Mastering Studio (Argentina) in 2014.

Cover art was illustrated by Guido Felet (Argentina).

Graphic designed by Santiago Tomás Pagura (Argentina).

Printed at Grafikar (Argentina). Original idea of the cover art by Ary Garay.


Special guest, Lautaro Julio (keyboard) on the song "Emily", Álvar Llusá Damiani (violin) on the song "Un amigo vegetal y fuego en el purgatorio".


Sponsored by Walter Broide (Argentina).

Produced by The Dagg.


Originally released by The Dagg in Argentina, 2015.


5 Year Anniversary Re-release by Make Noise Not War Records (USA) / Sublabel by Toys of the Masses (USA).


Declared "Cultural Interest" by Make Art Not War Foundation (USA), 2020.


Los Angeles, CA


David Hakopyan, Founder and Owner of TOTM. Picture by Chapete.

MAKE ART NOT WAR is proud to sponsor Record Label / Studio, TOYS OF THE MASSES, founded by American - Armenian music producer, David Hakopyan (Apex Theory)

Toys of the Masses is a Recording Studio & Record Label, doing its damndest to bring aural nutrition to the masses! ​ Originally launched by Los Angeles based musician, producer, & artist David Hakopyan, a pure attempt to create a community of like minded weirdos who will help each other get their madness to you. On board to realize this vision, is Argentinian Filmmaker and Culture Aficionado Chapete.



FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @ToysOfTheMasses_Records

TWITTER: @ToysOfTheMasses