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Make Noise Not War Records (USA)

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Logo by Edith Sööt (Estonia - Los Angeles, CA) - 2020

MNNWR is located in Los Angeles, CA. Curated by MAKE ART NOT WAR FOUNDATION (USA) with the mission to support independent musicians from around the world. It is a sublabel of Toys of the Masses (Los Angeles, CA).


Distributed by INgrooves / owned by Universal Music Group. Music videos by Vevo.

A&R, David Hakopyan, Mark Slater and Chapete.

*** JUNE 2021 (Pride Month), a new distribution deal with BANDCAMP to MNNWR, supporting our 501c3 Non-Profit , Make Art Not War. Bandcamp rocks!


"Songs to Traverse the End of the World As We Know It"
by Wendi Morrison

Wend Morrion

2/02/2023 ---

Listen and support to save the animals @ Pixie's Place at OrangeRay.


For the very first time, Make Noise Not War Records, is releasing a compilation rock album of Wendi Morrison’s music, SONGS TO TRAVERSE THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. A disabled, 60-year-old shaman, quantum healer, and former rock star; Wendi’s band MERCURY 5, and her solo project NEPTUNE’S DAUGHTER, have provided the musical soundscape for Wendi’s 2 New Media films: “This is not dying” and “Camp OrangeRay”. She is the founder of a 501c3 Non-Profit ANIMAL SANCTUARY called PIXIE'S PLACE AT ORANGERAY. Located “In the Forest, by the River” in the village of Three Rivers, CA; at the entrance to the Sequoias. It is this cause her art & healing work support. Her music has never before been released. Her songs are food for the soul, and worthy of your support since the animal sanctuary has been under attack by natural disasters.


"I am releasing my music for the first time, as I do not support multinational companies, and only donate my art and shamanic skills to the animals of Pixie’s Place. After suffering in mandatory fire evacuations for the last 2 summers, we now have been hit by the flood. Our retreat, which we rely upon for our funding; has been paused for several months due to the ongoing rain, then last week, during the historic California flooding, our precious river exploded upon the land. So we’ve suffered a loss of revenue, along with damage to the goat corral, hen house, and duck den. The entire art installation which mirrored the river’s edge was lost, along with our vegetable garden, fruit trees, and fencing. Fresh dirt will need to be brought in as well, since the entire property was hit by massive walls of sand, and debris. I am merely their voice, supporting their existence through my music, healing, and through the animal sanctuary. We are grateful for our friends, and Pixie’s Place Familia! We dedicate this offering in celebration of our dear spirit sister, musician Melinda Moore who is featured w/me on the song Right Now. I hope this collection of songs, can serve as a life raft to navigate these turbulent waters. Never lose hope!" - Wendi Morrison


"Songs to Traverse the End of the World As We Know it" by Wendi Morrison is available through Make Noise Not War Records via Bandcamp. All proceeds go directly to support the animals at 501c Non-Profit Animal sanctuary, Pixie's Place at OrangeRay.


#OrangeRay #PixiesPlace #MakeArtNotWar

Chaly's Angels

Charly's Angeles


(en español “Los Angeles de Charly”)


La diáspora de argentinos en Los Angeles, CA, rinde tributo a una de las leyendas del rock en español más grandes de la historia, Charly García. A la vez, invitan a amigos y artistas internacionales para participar de este proyecto, algunos conocidos y otros no tanto. Amantes angélicos incondicionales del rock nacional.


El compilado es presentado por el sello discográfico de Los Angeles, California, Make Noise Not War Record, parte de la fundación de arte sin fines de lucro californiano,, con la misión de ayudar a artistas independientes de alrededor del mundo, la libertad de expresión y a proyectos de interés cultural. Los mismos son responsables de haber lanzado el disco antibélico TEMAS UNIDOS por Mark Slater y Gabriel Lococo, declarado de Interés Cultural y Social por la Legislatura Porteña (2022).


La fundación tuvo también a su cargo el sponsoreo de la muestra de la galería de La Boca, POPA, en ArteBA 2022, donde se expusieron dibujos y obras de Charly García por primera vez en la historia. Make Art Not War propuso con este compilado conformar el soundtrack perfecto para la comunión de la fundación que reside en la lejana California y el amor de los Argentinos expatriados por el prócer argentino del rock nacional.



23 de Octubre, 2022, conmemorando el cumpleaños de Charly!

Lanzamiento de un video/single del compilado Charly´s Angels. Canción en VIVO del tema, No Voy En Tren por LOS MISMOS.

La grabación tuvo lugar en el festival ArgentiNite en The Paramount, 2708 E Cesar E Chavez Ave, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA. 13 de Agosto, 2022.

LOS MISMOS, banda tributo al Rock Argentino. Radicados en Los Angeles, CA / @LosMismosRock


ArgentiNite esta “destinado a convocar y reunir argentinos en cualquier parte del mundo para pasarla bien, reencontrarnos con nuestra música, nuestras costumbres, y además compartirla con todos aquellos de otras nacionalidades que quieran conocer de qué se trata esta locura argentina.” /


Plataforma de lanzamiento, Bandcamp de Make Art Not War Records /


6 de Noviembre, 2022.

Lanzamiento del disco Charly´s Angels en Bandcamp de Make Noise Not War Records /


18 de Noviembre, 2022.

Lanzamiento del compilado Charly´s Angels en todas las plataformas digitales (Spotify, etc).

Pre-save link


The diaspora of Argentinians living in Los Angeles, CA, pays tribute to one of the biggest legends of Spanish Rock in history, Charly García. In this journey, they invite friends and international artists to be part of this project. Some known, some unknown. Unconditional Angeles, lovers of rock nacional.

The compilation is presented by a Los Angeles, CA record label, Make Noise Not War Records, managed by a 501c3 Non-Profit for the Arts from California,, with the mission to support independent artists from around the world, freedom of speech and projects of cultural interest. The same label that brought to you the antiwar album UNITED THEMES by Mark Slater and Gabriel Locco, was declared Cultural and Socially Interested by the Buenos Aires City Legislature (2022).

The foundation was responsible for sponsoring the Art Gallery of La Boca, POPA, at ArteBA 2022, curating drawings of Charly Garcia for the first time in history. Make Art Not War proposed with this compilation to create the perfect soundtrack for the communion of the foundation that resides in distant California and the love of expatriate Argentines for the Argentine hero of national rock.



October 23, 2022, commemorating Charly's birthday!

Release of a video/single from the Charly's Angels compilation. LIVE song of No voy en tren by Los Mismos (Los Angeles, CA). The recording took place at the ArgentiNite festival at The Paramount, 2708 E Cesar E Chavez Ave, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA. August 13, 2022.


LOS MISMOS, tribute band to Argentine Rock. Based in Los Angeles, CA / @LosMismosRock

ArgentiNite is “aimed at convening and bringing together Argentines anywhere around the world to have a good time, reconnect with our music, our culture, and also share it with all those of other nationalities who want to know what this Argentine madness is all about. .” /


Platform release via Bandcamp of Make Art Not War Records /


November 6, 2022.

Release of Charly´s Angels album via Bandcamp of Make Noise Not War Records /


November 18, 2022.

Release of  Charly´s Angels album on all digital music platforms (Spotify, etc).

Pre-save link

Artbug Podcast



Artbug Podcast is a project by Artbug Media. It consists of conversations with multidiscipline artists. Hosted by Carlos Rittner, founder of Artbug Media, and filmmaker Sergio Bonacci Lapalma aka Chapete.
Each episode contains music from an independent artist from around the world.

Distributed by Independent Record Label, Make Noise Not War Records (Los Angeles, CA), via Bandcamp and multiple platforms. Supported by 501c3,

Artbug Media. Los Angeles, CA. 2022.