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President of Make Art Not War

"I believe that the art of filmmaking can be used as a healing tool; a way to explore and experiment with new techniques in transmitting stories, ideas, and sensations." --

Sergio Bonacci Lapalm alias Chapete. Los Angeles, CA. Foto pot Martín Yarnazian. 2021 (1).

Photo by Martin Yernazian. Los Angeles, CA. 2021.

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Sergio Bonacci Lapalma, artistically known as "Chapete," is a prominent Argentine-Chicano filmmaker, film director, and editor, born in Pasadena, California, in 1990. His passion for cinematographic art led him to complete a Bachelor of Humanities and Dramatic Arts in 2008 at the prestigious St. George's College in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the best private schools in the world according to the Spear's Schools Index 2024.

His fascination with the "New Argentine Cinema" drove him to further his education, graduating as a film and television director at the Center for Research and Experimentation in Video and Film (C.I.E.V.y C.), where he also studied editing, cinematography, and other related studies at the Professional Training Center of the Cinema Workers Union (CFP-SICA) in Argentina. Additionally, he honed his scriptwriting technique with renowned Academy Award-winning filmmakers such as Juan José Campanella and Aída Bortnik, as well as Cannes-winning filmmaker Santiago Loza.


Chapete has directed and edited several short and feature-length documentaries, including "La maldita ilusión (2014), acclaimed at numerous film festivals for its production and editing. He has also produced several documentaries for the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina (I.N.C.A.A.), such as "I Am Ringo" (2014, José Luis Nacci), selected at BAFICI and the Havana Film Festival, and "Antarctic Dream" (2016, Bernardo Heredia), selected at the Art/Cinema/Alexandre Trauner Festival in Hungary. Additionally, he co-edited the short film "Tony" (2018, Malena Filmus), selected at BAFICI and Cannes, later becoming a complete series released on UN3.

Jury member at the 77th Salerno International Film Festival. Presenting the award for Best Documentary to Domenico Rodolfo Grillone for his film, "Axé, Salvador!" (2022). 2023. ITALY.

In the United States, Chapete worked in the Editing Department of the Audience Award-winning documentary at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival, "Ferguson Rises" by Mobolaji Olambiwonnu. He also edited the feature film by Nigerian-American-English filmmaker Ose Oyamendan. Broadcast nationwide in Nigeria.


Currently, Chapete is the president of the nonprofit arts organization, based in Los Angeles, California. Through this foundation, he has significantly contributed to the world of art and culture, including fundraising for projects such as the "First Nahuatl Dictionary of El Salvador," aimed at preserving one of the country's last living indigenous languages.


As a filmmaker, Chapete has been recognized for his work at internationally renowned film festivals. His documentary "BJ: The Life and Times of Bosco and Jojo" received the Targa Award for "Best Documentary" at the 76th Salerno International Film Festival (Italy) in 2022, among other awards at festivals such as BAFICI, Impact Docs Awards, FEST, Asterisco International LGBTIQ Film Festival, and the Marina del Rey Film Festival.


Chapete has also made his mark on the music scene, collaborating with artists such as Gaspar Benegas, Alika, Antenna the End, Poseidotica, Guauchos, among others. Additionally, he collaborated as assistant director, editor, and cinematographer with Academy Award winner Gustavo Santaolalla on the nine-chapter YouTube series "CheChat."


His dedication to art, his commitment to cultural diversity, and his tireless creative spirit make him a prominent figure in the artistic landscape of both Argentina and the United States. Furthermore, his involvement in raising $6 million for humanitarian aid for the armed conflict in Armenia during the live broadcast event #RockForArtsakh for ArmeniaFund and his collaboration on the anti-war conceptual album, "United Themes" with Mark Slater and Gabriel Lococo, which was declared of cultural and social interest by the Legislature of Buenos Aires in 2022, demonstrate his impact in multiple artistic and humanitarian spheres.

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