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- Production of artistic content— Projects that have a social, cultural and / or historic value. Creating new job opportunities and connecting new professionals to immerse. Promoting and developing the Arts. For example, film production such as documentaries, biopic, film series (tv, online). Production of Transmedia, such as educational content, historical and / or with cultural interest. Recently, we are in the production of videoclips, collaboration with videogame development, software production and content of public use. Producing musical pieces by artist from around the world.

- Art exhibition / Festival / Events- Entertainment, cultural and artistic live projects accessible to individuals. Opening places for artist or individuals that want to express themselves. Promoting and developing the Arts. For instance, we have created a Teaser Film Festival called, Make Art Not War Teaser Future Film Festival aka MANWTFFF. This festival is in collaboration by a Teaser Film Festival established in Argentina called FlCIprox, that promotes teasers from Asia, Latin America and Europe. Therefore, we partnership with them to promote a similar festival but for North America teasers, giving the change of independent filmmakers from the USA and Canada to show and promote their content in the USA. Go to Festival section for more information.

- Art Distribution— Giving the chance for artistic content to be shown by a major audience. Promoting and developing the Arts. 

U.S. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service. (2017). 1024: Application for Recognition of Make Art Not War. 25 of August. 2017. Page 1- 2.

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