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1970 - 2021


Photo by Bernardo Heredia (Argentina)



Hybrid Event. MAY 4TH OF 2022 10AM PST / 14HS ART @


Darin Wixon Memorial Live Streaming



MAY 4, 14hs ART / 10am PST (here)



MAY 4, 16hs ART 

After the streaming, The Cultural Art Center: Casa Rodolfo Walsh in Buenos Aires will be showcasing an art installation of Darin's work at their headquarters, inaugurating after the screening. Location, Nicaragua 4441, C1414 BVC, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Participating VIRTUALLY / ONLINE.

If you would like to say a few words about your friendship/relationship with Darin: tell a story, recite a poem, or perform a song: sign the following form to send us your video. You can use your phone or any video recording device. You have time until APRIL 26th.



MAY 4, 14hs ART / 10am PST

DAC - Argentinian Film

Directors (Buenos Aires)

RSVP (limited capacity)

Meeting in Garden

MAY 4, 12:30 - 13:15hs @ Cementerio
Chacarita, Bs As
Av. Guzmán 680. (Entrada por Jorge Newberry).
Sección 2, Manzana 8 tablón 11 sepultura 12.


MAKE ART NOT WAR is proud to sponsor Artist Darin Wixon artwork, FAILURE´S ART

Failure's Art by Darin Wixon

Born in Longview, Washington, Darin Wixon’s upbringing in the rainy environment of the Pacific Northwest has consistently shaped his obsession with finding the beauty in otherwise decrepit situations, always searching for a golden ray of light within an isolating darkness. Throughout his varied career in the US, Europe and South America, Darin’s work has been influenced by his numerous connections within music, fine art, fashion, and street culture. Following a life-threatening disease in 2008 that resulted in the amputation of both legs, Darin’s photographic and video work found its voice in defining the beauty in forgotten, broken objects and the battles between emotions, sensory perceptions and visual viewpoints.




According to the belief system of Santeria, every person has a destiny, a preordained path, that he or she must strive to find and follow. Life is composed of energy that compels us forward, but there are often obstacles placed in front of us that we must navigate around or remove in order to fulfill our destiny. Darin Wixon's path has been strewn with more obstacles than most of us could ever fathom overcoming in one lifetime, a series of unanticipated events full of pain and suffering that many of us would be ill-prepared to face, let alone conquer. But Darin continues not only to move forward, but also to make sense of and share his experiences, in the form of art, to give strength and guidance to others whose paths are likewise not destined to be easy. Darin Wixon Failure's Art 2012 presents a series of highly personal photographs and one video that provide a glimpse into the kind of hardships that he has endured: exile, illness in a foreign country, the loss of his legs, and a constant struggle against the relentless visitations of death. We all know how difficult it is to be a stranger in a strange land, but to have to go through the ordeal of extreme illness alone in an unfamiliar country takes enormous courage and a fierce will to live. Darin's art manifestly reveals his strong spirit, but by putting it in a social-realist context - recreating in the gallery the somewhat sordid hospital conditions under which he was forced to go through his torturous experience - he also strives to draw attention to and perhaps change the dire circumstances that people with no money or family support find themselves in when they become gravely ill. As the world becomes more precarious, and the gap between the wealthy and the poor continues to widen, the health care system has become increasingly unstable and subject to exploitation by corporate and governmental interests. Darin's experience of finding brilliant and dedicated doctors in public hospitals in Buenos Aires gives us some hope, but his ordeal also reminds us of how fragile the system is, and how easily it could turn into a situation where only the wealthy can afford to survive a health crisis. Darin Wixon's Failure Art 2012 is both a frank documentation of a personal catastrophe and a cautionary tale that reminds us how we must fight against an increasingly hostile world that abandons and forsakes the weak and the ill among us."


Bruce LaBruce, Berlin, 2012

Foreword by Bruce LaBruce



Buenos Aires, Argentina Nov 2017 - *featured short film Darin by Sebastian Freire for Asterisco Film Festival

Casa Brandon

Buenos Aires, Argentina Nov 2017 - *featured short film Darin by Sebastian Freire for Asterisco Film Festival 
Miami, FL 2016,  Artist and Curator David Rohn gave a talk

Caffarena 86

Buenos Aires, Argentina , Dec 2014 -Group Exhibition

POPA Espacio de Arte

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sept  2013 -Group Exhibition

POPA Express

Buenos Aires, Argentina Feb 2013 -Group Exhibition

BAS Gallery

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Feb 2013 -Exhibition y Installation *a place between earth and air

CC Caras y Caretas

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dec 2012 -Group Exhibition

Art Basel Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida, Dec 2012 -group exhibition Aqua 12 at Aqua Art Fair

Centro Cultural Recoleta

Buenos Aires, Argentina  -Eggo Art Fair,  Nov 2012 *im not the one you should follow

The Secret Garden

Buenos Aires, Argentina June 2012 -Group Show, Quarterly Private Exhibition

Queer Works 2012 for Housing Works NYC

New York, New York June 2012 -Group Exhibition /Charity Auction

ESPACIO CABRERA (Universidad de Palermo)

Buenos Aires, Argentina May 2012 -Group Exhibition, PANORAMA

POPA Espacio de Arte

Buenos Aires, Argentina May 2012 -Group Show, Camisetas de Autor *tshirt

Wallrod Gallery

Buenos Aires, Argentina April 2012 -Solo Installation - Failure’s Art 2012


Failures Art unless noted with *


Revista Sauna

La Cereza del Postre


Arlo’s Pop Up Party / Centro Cultural Mi Casa

Buenos Aires,  Argentina Jan 2014

Ramiro Smith Estrada / Fundacion ICBC

Buenos Aires, Argentina August 2014

Diego Roa / Casa Regia (Revista Regia)

Buenos Aires, Argentina August 2014

Art Basel Miami / Vice Gallery

Miami Beach, Fl USA Dec 2014

Scope Art Fair / Vice Gallery

Miami Beach, Fl USA Dec 2014

The World As I See It by Darin Wixon


Unfinished Kickstarter Project Art Installation by Darin Wixon.


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