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MAKE ART NOT WAR is proud to sponsor Composer Mark Slater.

British composer Mark Slater has been immersed in classical music and professional performance since birth. ​ His instruments are Piano, Violoncello, Voice, Organ. His experience includes 5 years as a Chorister at Christ Church, Oxford, Conducting and Musical Direction for choir, orchestra and musical theater, composing for concert seasons and producing incidental music for theater and several scores composed to picture. He also has many years of digital video and audio engineering and production experience gained during 8 years living in Los Angeles. ​ His most notable professional work for the broadcast and theatrical media industry includes the PBS documentary 400 Years of the Telescope and several internationally acclaimed films for the Full Dome - Planetarium market. ​ Previous clients include Mirage 3D, Evans & Sutherland, Tribal DDB, University of North Carolina and Woodbury University and Hamburg Planetarium.

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