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Wendi Morrison

MAKE ART NOT WAR is proud to sponsor Artist and Shaman Wendi Morrison.

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Wendi Morrison, who was invited at 12 to join the Lee Strasberg Institute in Hollywood; came up through the punk/goth/emo rock club scene of Los Angeles, as a singer/songwriter/performance art rocker. A band of rebels: Wendi’s grandfather Talmadge “Remi” Morrison was a Paramount Studios still photographer, who was selected by Marlon Brando for his directorial debut with “One-Eyed Jacks”. Emmy-nominated father Robert “Bobby” Lee Morrison, a Cinematographer, Director (Hawaii 5-0 original), and Wendi's mentor; was known to aggravate both studio executives and teamsters. Executives because he was very talented and could not be bought, and teamsters for choosing minorities as his assistants, as he advocated for many so-called outsiders. Wendi in turn is an animal and environmental advocate who grew up in Hawaiid and was introduced to Transcendental Meditation at age 9. This is where shamanism was awakened. Also an advocate for Therapeutic and Medicinal “botanicals”, Wendi’s “day gigs” included a stint at Mark Mothersbaugh’s (Devo), Mutato Muzika, along with assisting other working artists/ directors/ screenwriters. Wendi plays Bree and it is her experiences that the story is loosely based on.

She has directed two motion pictures, This Is Not Dying (2017) and Camp OrangeRay (2022).

 “As an artist and shaman, my job is to inspire self-expression, and ignite the seeker’s fire; activating the 3rd eye, and dousing the wounds in peroxide. This is the alchemical fire; this is when transformation begins”.   ~shaman Wendi


She runs a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, OrangeRay/Creative Lab, a creative healing/art space at Tree Rivers, CA. At the headquarters, she performs her Crystal Sound Quantum Therapy Healing workshops and hosts a five-start HipCamp. These activities support an animal sanctuary called, Pixie's Place, also run by the same organization. Donate to Pixie's Place at OrangeRay now!  

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