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Ilian Alvarez


MAKE ART NOT WAR is proud to sponsor Artist-industrial designer ILIAN ALVAREZ from Mexico.

The new logo for MAKE ART NOT WAR was created by ILIAN ALVAREZ, an Artist-industrial designer from Mexico. Founder of Arte Moco. We are honored to have her on our foundation. Curated by Beatriz Laris (USA / Mexico / Argentina).



These are her words:


“The logo was inspired by the image of a little girl which represents purity and innocence; the essence of being a child. The feeling and expression of making art and not war.

The braid on her hair is commonly worn in indigenous communities. They learn how to make them at a young age. This refers to the roots and purity; the relationship between the culture and the people, the language and beliefs.


The braid is joined by a flower which represents nature, earth and the core of every natural element. It has a delicate texture that stands for peace.


Above the flower you can see mushrooms and rocks. The mushrooms represent transcendence, the creativity, different ways in seeing what is around us. The subjective. Art. The immortality of culture and the purity of each natural element. An element that has been used in tribes for years.


Next to the mushrooms there are some rocks, inspired by the green Maya Jade mask, representing the Energy. The Mayas would see it as identity and creation.


“The face of jade is actually the melting pot of a culture. Each of the elements of the [Maya Jade] mask have a meaning. Their relationship is part of a complex sum. ” Teresa Franco from the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (Mexico)”

Text translated by Edith Sööt (Estonia)

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